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How about you?

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Do you like this site? Would you like to contribute? You are most welcome to share your thoughts, views and accounts of personal experiences as long as they are relevant to the intent and purpose of this site. Contributions should centre around aspects of fisting beyond the physical thrills. You can also provide interesting visual material. Anyone may participate, irrespective of gender and sexual orientation. For further advice please refer to the suggestions below.

Some topics are listed further down. In cases of personally experienced accounts I only wish to support those conducive to the contents and context of this site. I definitely wish to abstain from indigestible, half-baked new age twaddle, including downright bad or insipid graphics. Visual material, including photographs, should have a certain artistic merit and, if of an erotic nature, positively allow for the observer's imagination. We all know what cocks and asses look like.





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In time, I shall be adding more considerations and reflections, some of them authored by myself, some hopefully by others. In line with the site's intent and purpose, subject contents will always relate to the art of fisting in conjunction with the following themes:

The psychology of homo-eroticism
Male to male sex & love
Sex vs. lovemaking
Elimination of prejudices
Reciprocal acceptance and acknowledging dignity
The leather culture
SM in the context of fisting, consensual/non-consensual SM
Views from the perspectives of fister and fistee
Fear and denial of emotions, facing and accepting emotions
Ethical integrity, moral responsibility, emotional stability
Trust and bonding
The principle of giving, giving vs. receiving
Matters of awareness
Advantages of humimily, modesty and gratitude
Recognizing love – not "true" love, it doesn't exist
Fisting encounters on the 'Möbius Band'
Creative communicatios, supportive feedback, suggestive encouragment
Positive vs. negative communications
Fisting and hynosis
How to transmit desires, intentions and emotions non-verbally
The intangible
The most feared unknowns: life and death
Transcendental fisting
The benefit of reformative properties of entheogenic and other consciousness-expanding substances
Mystic experiences, spiritual enlightenment attainable through fisting
Liberation through fisting
Recommended literature, music and links


Suggestions & Hints

Written materials, photographs, visual art and designs submitted by contributing authors and intended for inclusion on this website are subject to assessing their suitability.

For your own protection, e.g. copyright ownership, your consent to have your submitted material published on this site is required in writing (via email is sufficient).

The contributing author retains the copyright to his/her work which may be withdrawn anytime.

Third-party Copyright
meFFisto reserves the right of refusing to publish any submitted materials to which the contributing author does not hold the copyright.

meFFisto is not responsible in any way whatsoever for the contents and loss of submitted materials.

Submitted materials containing and/or depicting prejudice, defamation, abuse, discrimination of any kind, racist slurs, hate speech, demagoguery, political and religious propaganda are strictly banned from this site.

What about it? Many, if not most, men who are into fisting tend to be more free-spirited and more liberated than the moral crusaders who are quick to condemn anthything they deem pornographic. So where do you draw the line? When submitting sexually explicit material, whether written or visual, you may wish to keep in mind that lean doesn't mean less. In other words, rely on your senses to discern whether or not your material matches this site's tenor.

This site evolved as a result of a labour of love, and its expansion will follow in the same vein. Anyone wishing to contribute to it, would be doing so in the same spirit.

In case you have an informative home page yourself, likely to be of interest to birds of a feather, I'd be happy to place a link on this page. To get in touch with meFFisto, please click here.