logo name and design © meFFisto mkdw 2003, name derivative of Mephisto, 
			and what he stands for, in Goethe's Faust; letters FF referring to gay male fist fucking or fisting



Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962)

Comments about this website are always welcome, no matter whether favourable or not. Have your say! You can submit your opinion here or via the contact link in the navigation panel to the right. If you do, please don't forget to include your permission to be quoted on this site.

The constructive and reassuring feedback received from visitors to this website confirms that quite a number of fisters and fistees perceive fisting as an act of love-making. This contrast sharply with those who prefer the mere physical gratification, which commonly lacks the embrace of mutually shared emotions – so manifestly intrinsic to fisting. Their responses do not only convey introspection – to which, as some attest, the contents of this site is contributing – but also reflect their thoughts about what fisting means to them, as well as their notions of how to take it to a level of all-encompassing fulfilment.

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AN EPOCH OF CLEMENCY, Russian policemen 
 			kissing, photograph from the series 'Vogue for Labour' by Vyacheslav Mizin and Alexander Shaburov of 'Blue
 			Noses' © 2005, Novosibirsk; by courtesy of Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin; having been publicly exhibited 
 			in Moscow, in 2007 the Russian culture minster, Alexander Sokolov, confiscated the photograph and banned it
 			from being shown in Paris later in the same year.

An Epoch of Clemency

photograph by Alexander Shaburov & Vyacheslav Mizin
by courtesy of the artists
full image





Have your say

fistluvver [53]

England - November 24, 2014

rule10 rule10 Love your website. Up to now I thought RedRight's site was fab... but I think you take the biscuit. You've done great work.

I haven't managed to read the whole website yet; some of your references I am familiar with. Reducing things to a ridiculously simple level – gay men – without the ties of family and children – have the time to have fabulously great sex, which in this modern world is a huge luxury. And I suspect that the younger generation with its smartphone app tech – fuck me now, I'm 2 mins away – is going to lose that whole connection – time intensive – learning about buttons – which of course is such a vital part of great sex... that doesn't come with an instant hit, what I call 'McDonald's-type instant sex'.

butchsubatl [59]

USA - September 30, 2014

rule10 rule10 I checked out your website. Riveting! Your thoughts and ideals are inspiring me to learn and become a more creative, fully fledged FIST pig. Your insights are a real turn-on.

chasbelt [57]

England - July 23, 2014

rule10 rule10 I have to say your approach is amazing... and the writing on your website fascinating.

rule10b uarr

GoldenMinotaur [36]

England - May 21, 2014

rule10 rule10 I've been checking out your website with its amazing resources. It's a great joy to know someone committed has taken the time to prepare this for the rest of us seekers on this journey... It must have been a labour of love and I'm sure you are loved for it.

spermffun [47]

Italy - March 25, 2013

rule10 rule10 Upon reading what you so perfectly describe on your website, I am starting to comprehend the value of the profound mental and emotional connection between two fisters – something I am yet to discover. Longing to experience wholeness through sexual fulfilment, I am eager to increase my understanding of the art of fisting. It is the most sublime intimacy two men can possibly share in lovemaking. What better way than learning from a man like you?

sffistpig [59]

USA - March 6, 2013

rule10 rule10 I've been reading your website. Love your mindset!

lthrnips [64]

Canada - February 21, 2013

rule10 rule10 I have been a fan of your webpage for a long time. The kind of sex that you describe is exactly what I crave!

deepFF [40]

Switzerland - September 26, 2012

rule10 rule10 Reading your website was like a home-coming for me! I find it most reassuring not to be alone in this deeply rooted conviction of fisting, something that can never be explained to the unknowing, and which you seem to regard as the essence of your existence. Your abilty of verbalizing your innermost feelings and convictions indicates that you attained much insight and are standing behind the commitments you derived from it.

FFreehands [59]

USA - August 31, 2012

rule10 rule10 I have visited your website a few times. It's very impressive, the artwork is great, so is the writing. You've really thought it through. The obvious intellectual process you invested in taking your thoughts and feelings through to their logical conclusions, and the way you did it, is... how should I say... thought-provoking and above the plane of 'suck-suck-suck and fuck-fuck-fuck'.

rule10b uarr

whorepig [65]

Canada - February 21, 2012

rule10 rule10 I have enjoyed reading the facts on your site, very helpful indeed and most informative. I absolutely mean it. It's the truth. The more we can learn about our sexual desires the better off we are. Besides, we never stop learning until the day we die. I can see why you're great at breaking in a fisting virgin.

levis4me [67]

Australia - January 19, 2012

rule10 rule10 I was just showing off your excellent site to a newcomer... It is a great resource for them.

fisterm8 [42]

Scotland - December 14, 2011

rule10 rule10 What a splendid website you have! It's very beautifully written, a captivating and truly informative read... I've yet to have an FF experience of the quality you describe but am sure I will someday.

lethomme [60]

USA - September 7, 2011

rule10 rule10 Thank you for your meFFisto site. I am learning and exploring and experiencing and spiritualizing a lot.

Nosaddle [51]

Germany - May 28, 2009

rule10 rule10 Yes, indeed I find your website of great interest! Whilst reading your extremely well written text, I felt a high degree of equanimity between reality, beliefs, experiences and my own state of mind. Thank you for sharing. – I can especially relate to what you say about FF69/96.

soloboy [48]

USA - May 13, 2009

rule10 rule10 I chanced upon your site, read it from the beginning to the end, and am impressed by the caliber of your writing. It makes me very curious about this spiritual aspect that you discuss. Is that something that comes with time and a good relationship with a partner? Are there ways that you would suggest to catalyze that process? I would love to know.

EagleJimi [45]

Canada - May 12, 2009

rule10 rule10 Finally, I got around to checking out your website. Bravo! I know that there are others like ourselves out there, but it is so hard to convince new players that the physical gratification of fisting is only a mere step toward what is attainable. You put it all so very eloquently. Thank you for your website.

rule10b uarr

redbushbtm [50]

USA - October 4, 2008

rule10 rule10 Incredible website! The level to which you take fisting has me quivering. Thanks for all the good reading material.

fistmuncher [43]

England - May 21, 2008

rule10 rule10 I have read your site pages and am totally astounded and amazed that someone has taken the time and effort to put so much thought into what I deem a practice for pleasure. I am intrigued and hooked on what you have written. It gives me a sense of euphoria both mentally and physically. So I must congratulate you on a sincere and very well-conceived website put together with so much consideration. Cheers.

my_man [37]

United Arab Emirates - May 11, 2008

rule10 rule10 Hi there – It was very good to have come across your site. I find your writings some of the best dealing with FF. I have been into it since young age and it is, after all those years, my favourite for sure. For me FF is a spiritual act. You are one of the few I encountered who knows what FF really is all about. But many don't get it even after years of practice. Thank you for sharing. I added a link to your site on my profile just in case guys want to learn more about FF – and what it can be. Thank you again.

FFistFFriend [64]

Germany - May 7, 2008

rule10 rule10 Your website helped me understand your response to my queries in regard to fisting. Your dedication to fisting based on such deeply spiritual-philosophical background makes me, as a theologian, curious and inspires both endorsement and disagreement, but it also touches upon my spiritual yearning during sex, especially in fisting and the proFFound experience it can provide. Thank you.

NorthNHMan [52]

England - May 5, 2008

rule10 rule10 Lots of good information on FF contained on your site. You are to be congratulated on your research and experience. I do enjoy FF; but, it is very rare to find a person with such a vast wealth of knowledge and passion in this wonderful sexual act. I feel inadequate when it comes to the FF stature you have attained; but, I would sure like to try!

rule10b uarr

sexmagick [51]

England - November 1, 2007

rule10 rule10 I have had very few experiences with FF. They have not been good. My searching for the deep connection you so eloquently describe on your website has inspired me.

keys2heaven [48]

England - September 21, 2007

rule10 rule10 I read some of your writings on the net quite early on in my fisting adventure and find them very inspiring. Your website stands out from all others on the subject. The practice of fisting, however, seems to fall short of what you describe, and that is why your accounts of it had caught my imagination.

Jhoe55 [52]

USA - September 8, 2007

rule10 rule10 What a beautiful and well put together website. Bravo.

FF-deep-ass [48]

Germany - July 25, 2007

rule10 rule10 Hello, dear fist friend, your homepage... you sure know what fisting is about. No one has yet described it as aptly as you have.

idle [19]

England - February 11, 2007

rule10 rule10 Looking at your website I find that I can relate a lot to the idea of connecting. That is what started my interest in fisting – how intimate it all felt. If I don’t really feel a connection with a person, then I do find it quite difficult to open up – metaphorically and literally.

surprised_hero [20]

England - January 9, 2007

rule10 rule10 Hi – I googled Fisting and browsed many a site, most of them about hardcore sex, but I was particularly intrigued by yours and read on. What an incredible and insightful website. Thank you for putting it up.

I have worn a red bandanna for a long time without actually thinking about what it means, it was just my favourite colour. Your website was the first time I have read of Fisting being described as lovemaking. While Fisting seems to get wound up in BDSM culture and hardcore sex, the caring, loving aspects of it are lost. In fact a lot of sex ends up like that, and there is also this complacency of venturing beyond the physical. Kind of along the lines that as long as you orgasm then its not a wasted session. I often find it hard to reach that place with a partner and so endeavour to make him as happy as possible because it is easier than expecting him to do the same for me. Glad to have found your site and will be thinking hard on your philosophies.

rule10a uarr

jay94904 [66]

England - November 11, 2006

ule10 rule10 Hello meFFisto – I loved reading your website. Although I am relatively new to fisting, I understand enough to grasp the dimensions of which you write, particularly concerning fisting as the ultimate, and the idea of using one's head to not only connect with each other on the physical level but, at the same time, also on the planes of the mind, soul and spirit.

I became very intrigued by your description of the divine connection. I love mind-altering, mind-boggling connections with a similarly-inclined mature man. I do believe I know what you're talking about in terms of connecting at all levels, using all the senses and all the brilliant parts of ourselves that we have the privilege of holding within us, to tap into the same within another man, thereby achieving unimaginably synergistic moments of shared pleasure and connection.

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sexfreak [26]

England - September 16, 2006

rule10 rule10 Your website is sooo boring! I want to see hot, sleazy raunch and horny hardcore action pics.

slavelust51 [70]

England - August 24, 2006

rule10 rule10 I have just finished reading your website – with utter fascination. I have so much to learn! As you make very clear, I feel response is a vital part of any form of lovemaking, this life-enhancing activity. Fisting being such an intense (at its best) experience does require response, and with absolute honesty. I have always felt that to be true in any dominant/submissive situation, involving SM or not.

johnnys [53]

England - July 4, 2006

rule10 rule10 Magnificent website!