logo name and design © meFFisto mkdw 2003, name derivative of Mephisto, and what he stands for, in Goethe's Faust; letters FF referring to gay male fist fucking or fisting



The tree pillars of fisting:
Humility, Modesty, Gratefulness.
Consider it. Let it sink in. Then try to apply it to your everyday life and see what happens...


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Two Men Fisting, Fisting Lovers, 
 			FF, title: 'Let's go - sensitive, responsible', poster and postcard from an advertising campaign of 
 			the 'Deutsche Aids-Hilfe e.V., drawing and design © Hansheinrich Salmon 1990

Let's Go
sensitive · responsible

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More about me(FFisto)

In the course of my in-depth (pun intended) explorations of fisting, physically and otherwise, covering several decades, I advanced to a point where meaningfully shared fisting encounters allowed me to glimpse vistas of a reality heretofore unbeknown to me. It surprised me no end that both my fisting mates and I were fully aware of entering these realms simultaneously and, upon doing so, were united into one.

In one particular instance, for example, when a mate of mine and I touched upon what we felt to be the collective human unconscious, the scales fell from our eyes: suddenly, all the pieces of the puzzle came together. We sensed the suffering and the joy of mankind, and everything in between – all in an instant. Without exchanging a single word, it dawned on us that we are all interconnected and inescapably part of it. We thus came to understand that the Whole is never complete without the One – the One cannot exist without the Whole. A powerful awakening!

It was a humbling and inspiring experience. I knew I had to face my own deficiencies and become ever more aware of the ways I used to perceive and treat my fisting friends. And it utterly changed my approach to communicating with members of the gay fisting network as well as to the act of fisting itself, when I finally grasped that the needs, happiness and fulfilment of my fisting mates must always take precedence over mine. There are no two ways about it!

Although insight may be gleaned by other means as well, in my case it just so happened to evolve, and still does, from revelations conferred to me in the course of highly sensual fist-lovemaking. Interestingly, oftentimes one revelation triggers a train of further revelations, and then some more – something I can only ascribe to the untainted receptivity of a cleared mind. Notwithstanding that my hedonistic adventures were the catalyst to it all, the benefit of wisdom received actually extends to everything beyond it to further awareness in our everyday life in the effort of effecting a difference to the benefit of all and everyone.


Never have I taken fisting lightly. It would not even occur to me. We all know what fisting entails and what it means to each of us. If you like, it's serious 'business'. And it is serious, considering that a fistee is literally entrusting his life into the hands of a fister who, in turn, is bearing the responsibility of safeguarding the fistee's wellbeing. Fisting demands awareness, integrity and trust. All three go hand in hand and are thus mutually inclusive.

In light of this, I find it pretty sad and disheartening to witness the rampant proliferation of insincerity and insensitivity taking place these days. Regrettably, a sizeable number of men, purportedly into fisting, are obviously in favour of this approach. Many a profile in gay hook-up forums makes that clear. The tone some guys adopt, frequently aggressive, in their attempts of fending off others who exhibit detestable attitudes, has peaked in an unpleasant snowball effect. Ironically, these guys are unwittingly placing themselves into a similar position, hardly attracting those they are keen to meet – only to backfire on them. This then distinguishes the convinced, sincere and devoted fister from the tourist, who has infiltrated our sacred arena.


From time to time I shall add to this site various texts relating to the less considered, but just as relevant, perspectives of fisting. This way I hope to be contributing my communal share in counterbalancing the obvious imbalance in as much as this medium permits.

You are welcome to contribute your own reflections on related subjects. To help you decide, please check out the list of topics. Good luck!