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This website is dedicated to Gerson, friend and mentor, who initiated me into the infinite virtues of the TAO of fisting, and to all those of my friends, who have what it takes to make heaven touch earth. For sure, they know who is on my mind.

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Flying the Flag
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Something about me(FFisto)

Straight to the point: I am a man's man. Being gay, and a leatherman, I am exclusively devoted to what I deem a most cherished 'perversion' – the practice of brachial penetration, known as fist fucking or fisting.

And here's why: Experience gained over quite some time has shown me that fisting extends far beyond its commonly perceived boundaries. Rare moments of revelation and enlightenment, bestowed upon me in the course of intensely compassionate fist-lovemaking, provided me with invaluable insight, deeper knowledge – or more aptly: knowingness – and an understanding previously not present. It was the start to a never-ending process of transformation and reformation.

Little did I fathom at the time that these eye-opening events were to have far-reaching consequences to the extent of profoundly and positively affecting my life – including the newly discovered path to experience my sexual fulfilment on a hitherto unknown plane. Their ripple effects, continuing to this day, are a constant reminder that awareness is the key to everything we are doing.

It is from this angle that I wish to focus primarily on aspects pertaining to paths of supreme fulfilment attainable through the act of fisting. In pursuit of achieving the objective, it is inevitable to also consider certain attitudes and behaviour traits, alienating and obstructive patterns in fact, that are largely and regrettably prevalent in the gay fisting community. By juxtaposing them with constructive alternatives, I hope to be illustrating how the limitations inherent in an incongruous mindset are stifling the potential of paving the way to wholesomely holistic sexual fulfilment of a higher order.

Additionally, subjects – not necessarily of sexual nature – concerning doubtlessly essential prerequisites relating to this topic, as well as those akin to seeking and furthering unencumbered hedonism, shall be discussed in a wider sense, also.

Addressing fisting facts such as its definition, preparations and hygiene, basic 'how-to' instructions, and issues concerning safety, risks and health fall outside the scope of my purpose. No doubt, experienced fisters and fistees are well aware of them. As these facts are thoroughly covered elsewhere, tyros may wish to consult appropriate literature or websites.

The contents of this site will most likely appeal to the more advanced and experienced, the less sceptic and emotionally fearless – to those men who too have tasted the nectar once and are, forever, hooked on it; to those who are wondering how much further they could venture and whatever else there is to be discovered; to those who have a notion of what they crave but haven't had a chance of meeting compatible, like-minded guys to explore and share, in unison, the ultimate rewards of fisting... and its surprises and its beauty.


Since its inception in 2006, this web domain (until spring 2014 www.meFFisto.com) has gradually advanced to well over a dozen pages. Although some returning visitors may have wished for more frequent additions, I am asking for their understanding that the site is maintained single-handedly in spare time. Also, writing essays and creating, gathering and collating relevant material sensibly is time-consuming. That translates into my having less time to lend a man a helping hand, less time to receive his handsome gift. Thank you.

If you wish to contribute to this site, you are most welcome! Please check out the topics of interest. I hope you'll be inspired.